Excited about the excellent program at MedTech Forum #MTF2018 Important topics are discussed.

Regulatory compliance in #Medtech. @LeanEntries tries to solve them w/ #legaltech @sleetmakers #slush17

.@LeanEntries is making it easier for companies to navigate the complex world of medical regulations. Other industries coming later. #slush100 #Slush17

It's time for the #slush17 experience!! We'll launch our 3-day tour with the #slush100 pitch on Nov 29 at 17:15 (live at ) and another at the #LegalTech side event @sleetmakers at 18:30. See ya!

Yesterday marked the first day notified bodies can officially submit their application to be designated under the new #MDR & #IVDR.

MedTech Europe's Oliver Bisazza shares his views on how this will impact the #medtech sector.

legal tech startups pitching their ideas at the law faculty Nov 29, 17-20pm! Come and hear how they would revolutionise the practice of law: @sleetmakers @helsinkiuni #helsinkilaw

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