It's time to send happy wishes from Lean Entries Ltd to everyone working with health tech! Enjoy the rest of the year and let #regulatory #compliance into your heart to make 2020 a success!

Christmas readings: What health and compliance means to Solita:

A pleasure to join the Easy Medical Device podcast with Monir @elazzouzim for those with limited resources to learn on #medtech #regulations! Go listen to the podcast and follow the free trial into #Entries, the digital regulatory runways by @LeanEntries!

The draft corrigendum to #EUMDR is out. If the @europeanparliam passes this, it will mean a great relief to manufacturers with Class I #medicaldevices upgraded to higher classes, with transition period through to May 2024:

#Entries, the digital regulatory runways provided by us @LeanEntries, now contain the MDCG 2019-11 guidance on qualification and classification of #MedicalDeviceSoftware according to the #EUMDR and #EUIVDR. And all of this in a minute format at, as always!

A new report reveals that the Netherlands and the Nordics continue to be seen as “role models” for the adoption and use of eHealth in Europe, based on the responses of over 500 professionals in the field. #HIMSSNordic @McKinsey

Here's the best current update on how the #EUMDR is building up in practice by Erik Vollebregt @Biotechlegal. A lot to consider for anyone in #medtech.

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