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Testimonial: Noona Healthcare

We used Lean Entries’ expertise on regulations early on before typing a single row of code and establishing Noona Healthcare as a company to help cancer patients. We still tap ourselves on the back for being smart enough to ask someone who knows the medical device regulations. The insight and advice we received during just one day made sure we want to write compliance into our company’s DNA.

Having identified a pile of business risks, risking compliance was clearly not one we could afford. Furthermore, we realized that compliance is nothing separate from our marketing and business efforts, but everything we do for the sake of compliance, starting from risk management and clinical evaluation, translates into smart and efficient business and highly valuable marketing material.

We wouldn’t be where we’re now at, and this quickly, collaborating with Stanford University, being acquired by the multinational health tech giant Varian and rocketing to truly help cancer patients’ lives globally, without the valuable work of Lean Entries at crucial stages of our journey.

Their digital service encompasses a lot of that early stage wisdom, so we say – go indulge yourselves!

Pasi Heiskanen, COO & Co-founder

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