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Youtube Series on Regulatory Essentials

14th October 2020

We have always been dedicated to lighting the way into compliance for health tech developers and innovators around the world. An easier regulatory journey for innovator means an increased chance to evolve their ideas into viable medical device manufacturers. As a result, we will see a growing number of life-altering medical innovations breakthrough to the market. A net positive for us all.

With the current situation of the world in 2020, e-learning and webinars have gotten a big spotlight, and rightfully so. At Lean Entries, we have organised many webinars and online training series on the topic of regulatory essentials in Health Tech and have heard great feedback from participants and co-organisers alike.

This is why we have decided to share even more with Health Tech developers and innovators. We are starting a new video series on Youtube, where we briefly explain several topics in Health Tech Regulatory Essentials, especially from the perspective of innovators and startups, through video snippets.

You can find the first part of our snippets series on Regulatory Essentials in Health Tech: Introduction, on Youtube by following the link down below

Are you a University or a Business Region and are interested in helping your local startups, innovators and Health Tech ecosystem understand surpass their regulatory hurdles and challenges? Check out our Regulatory Essentials in Health Tech training series by visiting our training page or contact us at for more information!


Posted by Heikki Pitkänen

Heikki Pitkänen
Heikki is backed up with 20 years of experience from the Medical Device industry, most recently from certification bodies, and is active in international standardization. He is passionate with the modern startup, business model and service design concepts and believes in co-operation between knowledgeable parties for reaching great achievements.

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