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Regulatory compliance is one of the foundations of a successful business. It must be built into your product development from day one, but mastering the hundreds of pages of complex regulations is an art and consumes too much of your time. Take our digital tool, Entries, for a minute runway towards CE marking and global market access of your medical device!

You, the medtech INVESTOR!

Today, too many medtech development initiatives fail slow. The regulatory hurdles tend to grow substantially if not tackled from day one. We carry out regulatory due diligence and training as a win-win for you and the developer. Give us a call and let us explain you how compliance is turned into a competitive advantage of your portfolio companies!


Embrace Entries as a tool for lean exploration of the regulatory essentials. Take the runways together with your business leads, developers and suppliers to educate them in an instant and accelerate your time to market. Follow us as we speak on the regulatory essentials internationally and come meet us face to face!

How Does It Work?

Complex medical device regulations in a simple flow

Digital Start towards CE-marking

Entries takes you through the questions necessary to determine if your product is regulated as a medical device or an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) device according to the MDR or the IVDR, and if so, what is the risk class of the device. The service then guides you further into other regulatory essentials based on your medical device classification and type.

Minute Runways

Finding and interpreting this information would traditionally take anything from hours of flipping through the piles of regulations, to months of not knowing where to look and risking the viable direction of a product development project. Entries puts you on a minute runway and a steep learning curve towards compliance, best practices and a solid foundation for your business.

Complete Report at the End

Entries is regulatory contents turned into a flow. It provides clause by clause references and links to the original requirements throughout the runways. It presents the terminology, examples and guidance from the regulatory sources in an intuitive format and generates a Final Report, with complete references, as a rationale for you to dive into the development of your product.

Take the Regulatory Runways into

EU Medical Device Directives

New EU Medical Device Regulations

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